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Studio Edward Kobus makes animations. We make them for different purposes. From educational videos to rmusic video clips for bands. Our animated films are original and surprising.

Different types of animations

Studio Edward Kobus makes custom animations. We produce these cartoons entirely in-house. From the script to the finished product. Only the voice-overs are done by professional voice actors.

One of Studio Edward Kobus’ animations

Our method

At Studio Edward Kobus we like it best to start with a vague idea or wish for an animation. Then we have our hands free to arrive at the most ideal end product.

  • Briefing/brainstorming client > What are we going to depict and tell?;
  • Pitching idea > we give the client different ideas for the end product;
  • Elaboration of idea > script and storyboard;
  • At work > Creating illustrations and animations;
  • Select and record voice actor, add sound effects;
  • delivery.

Also read the three blogs we wrote about how to make an animation:

This is how you make an animation film: Part 1 – idea and preparation
This is how you make an animation film: Part 2 – elaboration of the idea
This is how you make an animated film: Part 3 – the performance

What does it cost?

Based on your request, we will prepare a tailor-made offer. As an indication: Assume a starting price of €1500 per animation, excluding VAT.
This is what you get:

> Your message wrapped in an appealing video
> A video clip that goes completely with your music
> The animation style suits you and/or your company
> People like to watch animation videos and video clips
> Ability to tell your story with (subtle) humor

View examples in our portfolio >


Do you have a question about this service or would you like a quote? Contact Studio Edward Kobus!

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