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“The fact that I am now a draftsman -besides a father and a husband- has taken some time. I grew up with the idea that drawing is mainly a hobby. Nice for ‘on the side’. After all: you have to be very talented and lucky to get a decent income from being an artist. Don’t you?

So I looked for a career path where I could do something with my visual qualities. Through courses such as Graphic Design and Art and Education I eventually graduated as a bachelor in Multimedia Design at what is now called NHL Stenden, in Leeuwarden.

I started out as a web designer and front-end developer. Both as an employee and in my own company ‘Rivolta’. I also set up the online music magazine Ekaya.nl, and gave it shape and content.
When I became a father I was looking for more security and a steady income. I was hired as a communication consultant at a large engineering firm. The salary was nice, but it never brought me what I was looking for: creative freedom and the space to develop myself in a way that would really suit me.

My sensible job quickly became a burden. Instead of enjoying family life, I kept coming home cranky. This had to end!
I decided to make some changes. Forget about the dogma’s and just do what I would like to do the most: Draw. Afterall: Drawing is what I allways loved to do, both as a child and a teenager.

Studio Edward Kobus is more than just a day job. It’s part of my identity. My autonomous work enables me to develop myself, and be relevant as an artist. It shows what I’m capable of, and it provides income because of sales.
The work I do on commission brings me into contact with a variety of people. It connects me to the so-called ‘real world’.

I am at my best when a client gives me carte blanche; when I can bring the creative solution and -on top of that- exceed expectations. That’s when my imagination is for real!”

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