Artist Statement

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Studio Edward Kobus stands for both my commissioned as well as my autonomous work. In both cases I always strive for quality and
originality. I am driven by my passion for art and the urge to research myself and my environment.

Studio Edward Kobus stands for imagination

My work revolves around imagination. The world as I perceive it is often a starting point for free associations. It often results in layered works. A first look shows a beautiful image. But if you look longer, you will soon discover more details. There’s often a story hidden in my artwork.

Art movements that inspire me are Impressionism, Magic Realism, and (to a lesser extent) Romanticism. My work has a strong link with observable reality, but also likes to add new dimensions or other ways of looking at it.


The world around us contains so much beauty. Especially when you zoom in on all the details that nature has to offer. I like to look at natural elements that are always close by: trees for example. I also like to look at human traces. All these elements form a foundation on which I continue to fantasize and conduct thought experiments.
This creates scenes that you, as a spectator, can dive into. Wander through the stories that show themselves to you. Look at life just a little differently.

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