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Studio Edward Kobus provides unique illustrations. Images that clarify or explain something. An illustration can live up a text and make it more attractive. It can clarify what is more difficult to be said with words. And it can provide that subtle hint of humor that makes your text even stronger than it already is.


So, what do you need an illustration for? Is it for your website or your brochure? Or maybe you want to publish a book and make it easyer on the eye?
When we know what you want, we will need to see which style of illustration would suit you best. With that out of the way we will first present you one or more sketches. This way, you are able to provide feedback.

Your goal, your style and the sketch(es) combined together, form the blueprint of the final artwork.

Is this something for me?

Studio Edward Kobus makes illustrations for companies and individuals.

What does it cost?

Based on your request, we will prepare a tailor-made offer. As an indication: Assume a starting price of €260 per drawing, excluding VAT.

This is what you get:

> Your text, website or product folder will be instantly recognizable
> Illustrations are inviting (to read a text)
> Illustrations are unique and distinctive
> Our work process is designed in such a way that the style of illustration suits you or your company

View examples in our portfolio >


Do you have a question about this service or would you like a quote? Contact Studio Edward Kobus!

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