Eye Candy: ‘Urban view’ (2008)

Urban view, by Edward Kobus (2008)

Flash is well known as a powerful tool to create interactive content. The rise of the new standard for web, html5, will (probably) change this. Although I think flash is a great program, I welcome html5 with open arms. However, there is a another side of flash that I really like: it’s a great drawing and animation program!

In 2008 I made this image called ‘Urban view’ using Flash. I first drew the different components (windows etc) as flat objects, without the suggestion of depth. Later, I forced them into perspective. With Flash this is fairly easy. This software program works with vectors, so that it can calculate where the various dots are placed when you decide to modify an element…

Urban view, by Edward Kobus (2008)

Using this principle, a perspective drawing with correct proportions is a lot easier to create. In this case this means that all the windows in the drawing ratio have the right size in correspondence with each other.

I chose to draw this picture with a two-point perspective. For a study subject on how to create perspective with Flash, that is sufficient. What I regret is that I did not choose a three-point perspective (check the video below) to accentuate the height of the buildings. It had made ​​the drawing more dynamic.

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