Music Review: The Veils – Time Stays, We Go

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Ever since the album ‘The Runaway Found’ was released, I’m a fan of the English indie rock band The Veils. No matter which band members were taking part in it. After All, it is frontman Finn Andrews who decides on how the band should sound.

I love that dramatic, grand, but also tormented, sound.

‘Turn From The Rain’ (Live at Abbey Road)

Intriguing contrast
In April this year, ‘Time Stays, We Go’, the fourth album by The Veils, was published. The thing that struck me, was how the album sounds so light footed at first sight. And although the content is not too pleasant, the album is still uplifting. An intriguing contrast!

Off cours, compared to the Veils second album ‘Nux Vomica’, on which several demons were exorcised, all the other work of Finn Andrews would appear to be light weighted. However, that first impression dissipates generally quite fast. Songs often appear to be some kind of complaint. And when they don’t sound like a complaint, they’re probably the kind of short stories that are filled with darkness and misery.

Major theme
Once I’ve listened more carefully to ‘Time Stays, We Go’, I discovered the album actually has a lot of depth. Like all The Veils’ albums have. Andrews, as allways, makes his audience think and feel. The palette of feelings and thoughts the songwriter offers is very thorough. More than on previous albums, there is a healthy balanse between melancholy and joyfulness.
Yet, the album is lyrically very heavy. Suicide is a major theme…

Surprising and intriguing
Finn Andrews proves himself a master storyteller. In his words and in his music. You could almost compare him to Nick Cave. Such comparisons however, always fall short. Yes, they are both great artist and you surely can appreciate both.
What I’m trying to say, is that The Veils are proving themselves as a truly unique and progressive, indie rock band. They keep surprising and intriguing me.

Perfectly composed
‘Time Stays, We Go’ is a record that I’d like to call timeless. You can listen to it, again and again, and yet still be surprised on how it sounds different each time. Highs and lows, perfectly composed.

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